We are one of the few companies in the sector who can boast of having an enamel works machine in the factory which allows us to follow and ensure production safety according to our quality standards. We also have a CE AFNOR-CERTIGAS authorised and certified gas laboratory which allows us to self-certify our products. It is not by chance that we are among the best known on the market thanks to gas cookers, our main product.

Our design is flexible, in both quantity and quality. We satisfy the needs of various cultures and different lifestyles, with products which are perfectly capable of adapting to all the cuisines of the world.

The kitchen is the most important part of the home and is where the family meets, feeds and warms itself, as has happened for thousands of years around the hearth. With our products we continuously search for the beautiful, practical, useful and harmonious, while always keeping an eye on costs. We have supplied the kitchens of millions of people for decades and the number is still growing.